What People Say

We’re not ones to toot our own horns, so please take some time to read what others say about us below, and publicly on Google and Facebook.

Barbara Taormina

Love this wellness center. Not your typical gym. Friendly, informed and courteous staff. Clean facility with great equipment!

Renee Kapusniak

The one thing I have enjoyed about SH&W is the atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and the personal attention you receive is helpful especially when learning all the different types of equipment. I would definitely recommend it!!

Deb Czech

As a runner, I value Saratoga Health & Wellness as a place for strength training and supplementing my running with alternative cardio workouts. The staff has helped me to balance my fitness program and I enjoy the spacious and inspiring environment they have created at this gym. The intake process was very thorough, including a review of many wellness factors. Impressive!

Pierre von Kaenel

The staff is very friendly and helpful. I received a customized routine for several issues I have, and I am able to access the equipment I need without waiting. The customers are nice; a congenial atmosphere every time I go!

Daniel Todd

I’ve been to many gyms in the past, and this is by far my favorite one. Every staff member knew my name after my very first day. It’s like walking into Cheers, but with water and exercise equipment instead of beer and bar stools. The staff is so incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable if you have any questions at all. It’s a very clean facility as well. I always check bathrooms to see how cleanly a place really is, and they passed the test. Even though I’m relatively knowledgeable about what exercises to do, I took advantage of a couple days of training and learned some new exercises and stretches. One of the employees even took the time to create a list of foods high in protein and carbohydrates (because I wanted to gain some weight and muscle mass). I typically work out after work (around 4 or 5 pm) and don’t have trouble getting equipment. They have plenty to offer. If anybody asked me whether or not they should join Saratoga Health and Wellness, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes!

Marcia Gaige

I would like to let you know how very much I enjoy coming to work out at your health and wellness center. I have tried other places and have never had the quality of staff you have here. You are always ready and willing to help in any way you can not only that but you all care always asking how I am doing. The facility is always clean the atmosphere is great always the equipment is the best. When you first go you are evaluated which is showing again how much you care by finding out the important things you need to know about us to best help in our wellness. I would definitely recommend this facility to everyone. Thank you for all you all do.

Janet Besheer – Broker / Owner Equitas Realty

I am truly enjoying going to this gym. It’s a welcoming space with friendly people and lots of great equipment. Exercise is fun at SHW!

Jodi Evans

This I’d the Best Gym/Wellness center you could ever go to. Very personalized to fit your needs. Very professional and friendly. Being 51 with many ailments I am blessed to have joined this gym. Mike has been awesome with me and now I have a brighter future! Thank you Mike , Nick and all the staff.

Alice Zeiger

In a word, Wonderful! I feel quite at home there, helpful and always cheerful. If you need cheering up, a workout at SH &W is way better than Prozac or other meds.

Amy Coon

SH&W is a great well equipped facility with friendly and very well educated staff that approach fitness from an academic background. Even though I only train with Mike (which is great!), all the other staff know me there by name and always go out of their way to say hi. It’s such an encouraging & happy atmosphere rather than other gyms that may give off a less positive or more competitive vibe. I’ve learned and grown a lot in the short time I’ve been going there. Also you gotta check out the “locker rooms!” Nicer/cleaner/more homey than anywhere I’ve ever seen!

Ryan Score

Great staff, very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Very clean gym with laid back atmosphere.

Elizabeth Simonetti

I feel very comfortable at SH&W. The place is very clean and the staff is friendly. I never have to wait for a machine and the temperature is usually perfect.

George Morabito

My wife and I relocated to Saratoga Springs from downstate this past December for work. At our pervious residence we worked with the same personal trainers for about 2 years where we had much success with weight loss, nutrition and physical fitness. One of our biggest concerns with the relocation was finding new trainers that were equal to or better than what we had. Both my wife and I have some physical constraints and we were worried about maintain our fitness level, getting hurt and mainly about starting a new program with new trainers. I made 2 blind calls to the Saratoga area. One to SH&W and one to a competitor. Owners of SH&W, Mike and Nick, immediately made us feel comfortable that they understood our circumstances, put us at ease and designed specific (much different than previous) programs tailored to our physical health and well being. We have been working out with them since January 2015 and are extremely pleased with the results, the facility, their knowledge and professionalism and all that Saratoga Health and Wellness has to offer. They have helped my wife and I build our core strength to levels better than they have ever been. They also offer great nutrition programs, physical therapy and a wonderful facility. I would highly recommend Saratoga Health and Wellness for some or all of your physical fitness needs.

Susan Whitaker

I hadn’t been to a gym in many years and was intimidated. Maggie worked with me to make sure I was at ease and comfortable with all the equipment. All the staff are friendly and professional and have gone out of their way to help me. I strongly reccommend SH&W to anyone who wants a personalized and warm experience!

Phylise Banner

I joined the drop program at SH&W, and will continue my membership for sure once I’m through the program. The staff are knowledgeable, inspirational, and just very, very, kind! I never thought I’d be the type of person who would look forward to “working out”, but I am now! My body is changing and my pain is reduced a little bit more every day. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! I can’t begin to thank the staff for all they’ve done for me so far, and I’ve only been there a month!

Kelley Marsh

I am very pleased with all aspects of SH&W. There is always someone available to help you. Everyone is friendly and there is always equipment available to work out on. The intake was quite impressive and thorough! I was set up with my own personal workout based on my specific needs. The facility is always very clean and the set up gives you plenty of room. After shoveling snow and hurting my back., I didn’t go for a week. Mike noticed I wasn’t in and sent me a e-mail to see if everything was ok. With all the members they have I was very impressed ! I’ve tried other gyms in the past and given up, SH&W is quite unique ! Truly the best place around!!

Denise Graminski

SH&W was recommended by two colleagues, and based on their rave reviews of Nick, Mike and the facility I started coming to the site. From my first visit, it was a welcoming environment and great workout experience with top of the line equipment, and lots of easily accessible open space. Even more amazing was the professional help and assistance I received from Nick and Mike. Unlike other gyms I’ve belonged to, SH&W is a relaxed, personalized and accommodating setting equipped to handle all the varied needs and abilities of its clients.

Karen Ellis

Great facility and staff. My previous gym experiences have been paying for a membership and figuring out my own workout. Unfortunately, I need guidance 🙂 Thanks for the guidance Nick! I enjoy my workouts and never feel crowded. Staff is present and available and followups are part of the membership. Besides feeling better, it’s great to see my progress in black and white.

Peter Elmendorf

Very helpful and friendly atmosphere, no wait time, beautiful new facility, staff is always smiling, great diet counseling, gradual startup for exercise program so no strained muscles

David Hale

Overall, my experience has been a very positive one. Nick has a great development plan for me to improve on my (golf) body/swing connection. Having been to other gyms before, I can say that Saratoga Health & Wellness is a great fit for my fitness needs and still very affordable.

Denise Graminski

SH&W was recommended by two colleagues, and based on their rave reviews of Nick, Mike and the facility I started coming to the site. From my first visit, it was a welcoming environment and great workout experience with top of the line equipment, and lots of easily accessible open space. Even more amazing was the professional help and assistance I received from Nick and Mike. Unlike other gyms I’ve belonged to, SH&W is a relaxed, personalized and accommodating setting equipped to handle all the varied needs and abilities of its clients.

George Lent

My experience at SH&W has been great. It has really got me motivated to workout & want to lose weight so I can feel better! I have just started not long ago but my wife also joined shortly after & also enjoys going. Mike & Nick are so supportive & will help whenever you need them! Just a great place to go to exercise, everyone is friendly and helpful plus it is always very clean! Equipment is plentiful & in excellent condition! Just totally enjoy SH&W.

Cathy Clarke

My happy recollections of athleticism, good health, ease of movement–now made me unhappy.  At 65, I knew I couldn’t be a kid again.  But I wanted to feel better than I did.  Could I?
After weeks of see-sawing, I stopped in at SH&W a little more than a year ago, and talked with Nick.  He asked what I wanted to accomplish; asked about my general health; checked weight, height, body mass, etc.  I could have a free week, with a plan made for me; I could see what SH&W offered and decide whether the place would work for me.  As part of the plan Nick wrote, and following his instructions, I began to use SH&W’s exercise tools, a few at a session–struggling gently, and gradually increasing the challenge.  Each visit was simple, and taxing, and a joy.
Several times a week (or more often if desired), with different plans for alternate days, arrive with sneakers.  Cycle through adjustable gadgets to exercise different muscles.  To rest, walk in a central open space, and among machines, mats, exercise balls–equipment laid out in arcs for easy access.  Say hello to fellow guests (who all have different plans, or do as they please).  Stretch, look out the window.  Mop the forehead; take a swig from the water bottle.  With help from Nick or Mike, modify the plan.  Well, in this way a year has passed.  Am even more optimistic about this coming year.
Everyone at SH&W knows that what we look like changes slowly; but that we’re serious about how we feel; that we want to be stronger, more agile.  I won’t be a kid again–but I know my mind/body can work (together) better.  Progress already, thanks to Nick and Mike.  And  I’m happier for me.

Paula Zimbal

For almost 11 years I went to Curves for health and wellness and when it closed in Ballston Spa, I knew I had to find a new home to work out, feel comfortable and make a new promise to myself to lose some weight and improve my all around health. Many of my Curves friends moved on to the Y and others to a local gym. My daughter suggested Saratoga Health and Wellness, although it would mean more miles and minutes to get there, I have found it to be the perfect fit. It is super clean, bright, friendly and non intimidating. Right from the beginning Mike spent lots of time assessing my needs and abilities and setting up a routine that I could handle. Everything about this place is really great. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness center. I feel very lucky to have found a place where people like Nick and Mike care so much for the clientele, the machines are clean and well maintained and seldom any waiting time and finally a community of friendly people. Five stars in every aspect!

Frances McEwan

Everyone has been very helpful and always take the time to answer questions or show the workings of the equipment. The facility is always clean . I would recommend the Wellness Center to anyone of my friends. My experience so far has been very pleasant and helpful.

Kate – age 59

I love going to SH&W. The staff know your name and you feel so comfortable being there. No intimidation with size , age or abilities. This is the perfect place if you have health issues. The staff are always helpful and supportive. I’ve been to other gyms and this one is the BEST!

Francois Bonneville

SH&W certainly lives up to its billing. They provide several options of participation, depending on your individual needs. Staff are quite friendly in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. In 2 months, I have not felt any of the competitiveness one runs into in other gyms. The place is well laid out, with sufficient equipment to accommodate all comers

Valerie Kelsey

This is a great gym, clean and friendly. The staff is warm, friendly and most importantly knowledgeable and helpful. Mike has been very helpful as a personal trainer. I enjoy going there. A pleasant environment. I would recommend it to anyone.

Goflf Fitness TPI Titleist Performance Saratoga Health Wellness

Stu LaDue

I am enrolled in the Titleist Performance Training Program at Saratoga Health and Wellness. Nick has proven to be a knowledgeable and effective exercise physiologist. Through his guidance, I have found increased flexibility and stability in my golf swing.  I am starting the golf season with anticipated confidence brought on by the expert training sessions…

Carol Quirk

The owners of SH & W are extremely welcoming and totally focused on the needs of their members. They will take extensive time for you whenever you have a question about using the machines properly or a concern about how your body is responding to the workouts. They truly care about their members reaching their workout goals no matter what their physical condition or their age. They are there to listen and work with you, giving professional advice for your personal condition.  5 Stars! (more…)

Sharon Hinkle

The staff is very encouraging and friendly. They are happy to show you how to use the machines properly. They have a variety of machines, and I rarely have to wait for the type I want. If I do, I can always busy myself on a different one. Comfortable, climate controlled environment. Great air conditioning on hot summer days!

It was back in January that I set foot in a gym. Not just any gym, the gym that would change my life! Saratoga Health and Wellness came highly recommended by one of my girlfriends, so I dropped by to scope things out. I was greeted by Nick, an Exercise Physiologist and owner of the facility. Everything about that quick meeting resonated with me, from his inviting personality to the facility itself. Read More About It

Deb Thompson

The atomosphere at the wellness center is always warm and welcoming. The staff is ALWAYS so helpful! They truly are genuine and caring. I had to take a break (medical reasons) and they have been in touch to see how I am doing, which means alot to me. I look forward to returning very soon. 5 Stars!

P. Gizzi

Mike-thanks so much for your expertise and the ability to modify a program for me. The staff is great and very helpful and approachable. I Like the open space and sun through the window. The palm tree in the corner adds to my “feeling like I am riding a bike in Jamaica” experience while I am on the nustep….just know some day I may leave with a tan and a bottle of Red Stripe lager:) (ha). I am feeling strong and better. This has been the best exercise experience to date…slow, steady progress without any back sliding due to re-injury. Thanks

Lawrence Fein, MD

I was a 49 year old physician who considered myself to be very healthy. I participated in sports on a regular basis, lived a healthy lifestyle and had, what I thought to be, a healthy diet. I exercised on a frequent but sporadic basis. One day while exercising, I developed some difficulty breathing. After it happened a second time a few days later, I realized it was not normal. I knew that I had to get serious about my diet and exercise. Through the help of the staff, Mike, Nick, Rebecca and Erin, I have become much healthier. I exercise on a very regular basis, have lost weight and have a much healthier diet. Not only do I feel better, but I have influenced family members and coworkers to live a healthier lifestyle…it really is contagious! As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I view my role as improving or maintaining patient’s mobility. We are born to move, we need to move and the musculoskeletal system is designed to keep us moving. Motion, or mobility, is necessary for the proper and efficient functioning of the other organ systems such as the heart and lungs, the intestinal tract, and the neurologic system (brain). Adequate movement and exercise helps fend off chronic diseases. So, for all of these reasons, I am a huge proponent of exercise. Most people in my experience, don’t do so well on their own and need some organized way to exercise, to keep them on the program. Also, many people have misinformation about nutrition, or don’t really examine their diet adequately. The professionals at Saratoga Health and Wellness are able to help with this in a most pleasant and fun environment. I have referred many patients there who continue to thank me. OrthoNY

Tom Federlin

Love the place. Staff is really freindly and helpful.

Laura D. Bykofsky

My experience with SH &W has been absolutely outstanding. Working out isn’t always fun but every time I step into the gym I always receive a warm welcome from Mike and Nick. Their warmth actually has me feeling like I want to go to the gym. I don’t feel like a number but a cared about member.
The equipment is clean and always available……no waiting! Plus, and this is a big plus, the place is absolutely spotless; including the restrooms! I would highly recommend SH&W to anyone interested in a more “family style” kind of atmosphere.

Bill Walker

Just a wonderful experience. Staff are friendly and always available to answer questions and seem genuinely interested in their clientel. Facilities are clean, well-kept and state-of-the-art. Atmosphere is casual and low-key, particularly suitable to us baby-boomers. The first 6 months in the program I lost a whopping 25 pounds and am now concentrating on my maintenance program & increasing overall strength. This is the first time I’ve ever belonged to a gym and I’m extremely glad that my first encounter was with the staff at Saratoga Health & Wellness !!! Highly & frequently recommended !!!

Jean Cremen

I am a reluctant member. When I appear I am greeted by name[always] and encouraged to do my best. Staff and other members are caring people. The physical atmosphere is soothing and cheerful. I usually have a laugh when I appear.

William Strauss

My experience has been fantastic. I am treated more like family than a member. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and always willing to make you comfortable. The facility and equipment is always kept clean with equipment being added and updated regularly. I truly believe if you went to another center you would not get the quality of care and knowledge receive from Saratoga Health and Wellness Center

Joan Haskell

I have found the staff approachable and friendly. It is nice to be welcomed by name – makes you feel like a person vs a membership. All the equipment is in good condition and there is always equipment available even during the rush in the evening. This is the first gym I have joined where I don’t dread going – no one makes you feel uncomfortable or inadequate.

Sue Horne

Wonderful clean facility. Very helpful and friendly staff who are always available for questions and help if needed. Equipment is great quality with plenty of availability for use. The atmosphere is friendly and casual with no pressure or anxiety about working on what is best for you. I am always confortable there and look forward to going.

David Wasser

I find the facility to be accessible,well- equipped ,well maintained & pleasant to attend.The staff are knowledgeable,courteous,approachable.
encouraging.I would not hesitate to recommend the Center to anyone.

Frank J. Auriemmo Jr.

There are gyms and there are gyms but Saratoga Health and Wellness is like coming home each time one visits. It’s like being at Cheers, where everyone knows your name!

Staff are really like family members. They are cheerful, supportive and caring.. always! It is a warm, clean environment with plenty of exercise choices. And, if you are a tad under the weather (i.e. joints aching), you can speak to any one of this extended family and get excellent ideas about how to cope with the problem, very likely through exercise.

It’s a user-friendly environment with members of all of the age spectrum, which are very supportive of each other. Like I said, it’s like visiting Cheers!

I love this place and would not hesitate recommending it (and have) to friends, family, et. al. Mike, Nick, Erin and Rebecca make it very special!

Sue Walker

I have been going to SH&W for slightly over one year. It is a very friendly and clean facility and the trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are available whenever I have a question and appreciate how they make me feel comfortable working out there. Thank you Nick, Mike and Erin.

Robin Solomon

The staff at SH&W is top notch. They are knowledgeable, and welcoming. I found the evaluation process very helpful and motivating. Staff has been willing to work with me to create a workout routine that suites my needs and is varied enough that I don’t get bored. The facility is always clean and there are sufficient stations available with wipes for the equipment. The overall atmosphere is friendly and professional. The overhead music is not always motivating, however this is cured by using my own MP3 player. Equipment is always available at the times when I am at the gym. I am frustrated with the limited hours. I train after work and on weekends and would love the gym to be open later! My overall impression and experience is positive.

Cathy London

If anyone tells you all gyms are the same , don’t believe it. SH&W is truly a unique facility. It has everything: friendly and helpful staff, a variety of equipment, and an extremely clean and well-maintained facility. The atmosphere at the gym is relaxed and upbeat. I look forward to working out during the week, which for most people is rather unusual.

Ann Cooley

I have been with well trained and friendly staff for nine years. I could not ask more expert and caring people. It feels like a home port when I walk into the well equipped and maintain facility.
I can highly recommend SHW to anyone.

Phil Spaziani

As a (slightly) senior citizen with a disability, my life has been greatly enhanced by regular workouts and consultations with these fine, knowledgeable professionals. Mike, Nick and Erin have kept me happy, healthy and mobile for many years. I smile just thinking of my next visit!

Kate Ferris

This is the best gym I’ve ever been to! Mike, Nick, Erin and Rebecca are incredibly friendly and seem to genuinely care about me, not the number of reps I’ve done today. It is a very supportive atmosphere with all the patrons ready to cheer each other on. And it’s wonderful how SH&W reaches out to the community and helps with fundraising efforts for needy families. Saratoga Health & Wellness isn’t just a gym, it’s a community center!

Michelle Poccia

Great location…plenty of parking. The interior was well thought out and planned with consumer in mind. Always clean…especially clean restrooms.
The staff is extremely helpful, respectful and courteous. The membership is a reflection of the staff. There are very courteous people who are members. The atmosphere in this gym allows you to focus on what you are there to do…work out.
The broad age range of the membership creates a comfortable place to work out…there all ages in attendance…teens all the way to seniors. Some of the seniors who are members are quite impressive with their physical fitness…great examples of taking care of their bodies.
Joining this gym is a no brainer. Great location. Qualified and professional staff. Top notch equipment. Plenty of room. Clean and well maintained.
I have and always will recommend the Saratoga Health and Wellness facilty.

Maxine Hobbins

The staff is vey friendly and helpful and encouraging to every one in the 5% club. The club is very neat and clean and there is no waiting to use equipment. the staff is always willing to show you how to use the equipment and the weights. The conversation is great with Nike, Mike, Erin and Karen I just like going to the gym.

Jack Huckel

I have been very pleased with the help Saratoga Health & Wellness have provided me on my fitness trail. Almost always accessible to help customize a program, to give instructions on a specific exercise, or to bring the latest up-to-advice advice on exercise and nutrition. I could not be in better hands for health and wellness!

Eugene Baker

The physical ambiance ,i.e. lighting,space, placement of equipment is execellent, Everyone on the staff is friendly, helpful and skilled. It’s a refuge for me from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Pat Behrens

I have dealt with the people at S.H.A.W. in all capacities from program set ups to nutrition information. I have had some special needs at times(post hip replacement) and have always gotten the personalized assistance I needed from Nick, Mike, and Erin. I especially like the ambiance there. It is clean, bright, and conducive to an exercise routine which is helpful and relaxing and beneficial in many ways. I am happy and grateful to be a member there. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!

Albert Benigni

Very friendly, Very Clean, Equiptment in very good condition and sufficient. The young people that run the Wellness Ctr are all college educated in Sports medicine/fitness. Very friendly and reasonable prices.

Anne Carlisto

I have found all of the staff to be very friendly and most helpful. I would absolutely recommend it to a friend and have already. I absolutely feel so much better. It is very comfortable working out there – no hassle for equipment at all. Would like to have some music – my motivation to move faster.

Cathy Allis

The friendliness, professionalism, and accessibility of the staff are first-rate and are the main reasons I chose Saratoga Health and Wellness. I never have to wait for equipment given recent machine additions. The facility is bright, clean, and conveniently located for me. I would (and already do!) recommend it to others, especially those who may need a program tailored to changing physical “challenges”.

Mary Flanagan

Saratoga Health & Wellness is a community of people who care!!!!
A welcoming environment to do exactly what most of us do not want to do………exercise.

Karen Charbonneau

Saratoga Health & Wellness is the first workout facility I have joined that gives me a warm, friendly feeling everytime I walk in the door. You are always greeted, by name, by one of the owners or staff. A personalized workout program is created and modified as needed. The owners and staff get to know and understand the individual to assist in creating your personal goals. Due to the friendly staff, members continue the friendly environment and have conversations with one another. The facility and equipment is clean and in great working order.

Linda Spokane

I use SH&W mainly for strength training a few times a week. I like that the facility is not huge, the staff is very friendly, helpful and willing to work with you on your goals. The “locker” room is also very clean and the facility has a nice homey feel. I do think that some of the equipment is dated and I’d like to see some stair steppers. But, overall, it’s a much more pleasant experience than other gyms (the Y being one) I’ve belonged to.

Sandy Finelli

Great staff very friendly makes exercise fun machines exellent condition.

Michael Petralia

I started in May of 2010 and worked out until November…I then left New York and did the snowbird thing in Florida…From May to Nov, I lost 45 lbs due to change of diet and working out 3 times a week…
The workouts were the best thing…the program set up for me by the staff was outstanding and was a pleasure (ugh!!) to do….I will be starting up again when I get home in June…..I highly recommend the program to anyone.

David and Joan Martin


Jane Corrou


Toni Salerno

I have had nothing but a good experience a SH&W . The staff are helpful in encourging you to maintain a healthy life style. They aways have a very cheerful attitude and are always willing to help .

John Manley

Saratoga Health and Wellness is one special place. As a member I feel totally comfortable at the gym. The facility is immaculate and has up to date and well maintained equipment. I have never found that I’ve had to wait for a piece of equipment as the staff has done an excellent job of providing a nice variety of equipment which is utilized by the members. The staff is very friendly,knowledgeable , caring and compassionate and they are dedicated to meeting the needs of all of the members. The facility is one where a member feels welcomed and special. I do and will continue to recommend Saratoga Health and Wellness to anyone who is considering such a facility. As the name says your health and wellness are the number one priority of the staff. Thank you, SH & W, for all that you do! You are the BEST!

Karen Armstrong

Fabulous! Mike was recommended by my chiropractor to help with strenghtening to prevent future aches and pains resulting from chronic back pain and knee surgery recovery. My physical health acessment was very detailed and quickly let me know that my needs were being addressed and that they were important to SH&W. For someone who hates working out, I look forward to coming to exercise. Very much worth the cost!

Nancy Hudak

Friendly staff.
I have fallen off the bandwagon, with the usual excuses but Saratoga H&W has actually done what it can within reasion to re-engage me. I am returning and looking forward to more machines available. I want a quiet work out facility with few crowds and simple amenities. Some yoga type programs might be good.

Leslie Forester

The Health and Wellness center is the best gym I have ever used. the trainers/managers are very good…knowledgeable,helpful,friendly and accessible. I loved the assessment program and the on-going personal observations and help. It is such a user-friendly gym. It is clean and well-managed. I am looking forward to returning to Saratoga and using this wonderful gym. Highly recommended.

Gary Pechette

I find the facility floor plan and excercise equipment very well laid out. The building is always clean and bright with many windows to let in the natural light.
The knowledgeble staff is always ready and willing to answer questions and help you get started on any of the machines it has available. It is never overcrowded, even at peak times and i hardly ever need to wait for someone to finish on a machine before I would like to use it.

Julie Gedalecia

I LOVE Saratoga Health and Wellness!! It’s such a pleasant atmosphere with a really helpful staff. A few things that make SHW stand out from all the other gyms in Saratoga:
1. Everyone on the staff knows your name. They greet you when you come in and they keep up with how you’re doing on your program..

2. It’s never overcrowded. I can always get a machine never feel rushed to get off.

3. The equipment is clean. They take great care of their machines but more importantly, the gym members themselves all take time to wipe down machines and clean up after they’re done. Since the owners cultivate a community, not just run a business, at SHW the members feel invested in keeping the space clean for the benefit of everyone.
4. The locker rooms are clean and well maintained. You can have a nice hot shower after your workout. When they found out that the water heater wasn’t providing enough water for everyone’s showers they installed another one!

5. They don’t blast loud music and the lighting is quite pleasant.

6. It is a non-competitive atmosphere so you never feel self-conscious about going at your own pace.

I really can’t say enough about this gym. It’s truly a special place and I would never go anywhere else.

Rolfe Lawson

It has been a friendly and professional place for exercise, education and socializing. I have a hard time setting goals for myself, but the staff is always ready to encourage, suggest or even raise an eyebrow! My experience has been totally positive and enjoyable. (Well, parts of the exercise program, while not exactly enjoyable, are geared to one’s ability to work through them successfully! As in no pain, no gain.)

Allan Turkheimer

A great crew to help keep up your spirits and watch your health and well being.

Ellie Strack

I’m very happy to have found you and am pleased with the help you’ve given me. Your staff is friendly, professional and I feel safe as well as challenged. It’s fun to get into shape in such a clean and well run facility. Thanks!

Caroline Seligman

I really love to go to the gym now, and that was never true before (I’ve belonged to four gyms before). It’s like “Cheers,” (without the drinking) — a place where people know your name, certainly the staff does, and you meet lots of other people as well. It is friendly, clean, nice equipment, the staff listens and accommodates. They even give you a break if you have to be away for a while (vacation, business). But it is also low-key and relaxed, which I like as well.

Pat Rogers

When I have been able to attend SH&W, I have had a very good experience. The staff couldn’t be nicer or more helpful in keeping me safe and on track! The facility is clean and neat. The “team” offers excellent programing and advice. Due to broken bones, have not been able to use SH&W as of late, but hope to get back in the near future. Great job, guys!

Bob Millington

Excellent equipment but more important people who care about their clients.

Barbara Nieman

My experience has been wonderful. You get extra special attention, you can confer with the professionals on physical problems you might be having, and equipment is usually available. Having a nutritionist to talk to is great ,too. A very friendly place to keep in shape, no matter what you age!

John Naftzger

I was fresh out of Ellis Hospital, the proud owner of two new stents just inserted into my now robustly beating heart, when I was instructed to deliver myself into the tender care of the current proprietors of Saratoga Health and Wellness. (They were not at the current location then, but that’s another story). I was feeling both healthy and well with my new stents in place and didn’t really see the need to go running about, sweating, etc. However I had promised my wife that I would be a good patient and listen to the doctor, blah, blah blah and so I thought I would humor everyone and give it a go for a few weeks.
That was about six years ago, and I’m still here.

I think that when you are doing something really important, like taking care of your health, you want to do it in a positive, comfortable atmosphere, around people you like and most important, with good professional caring people who are very committed to helping you. Do yourself a favor and do what I did – give it a go for a few weeks

Laurie Guyon

It has a friendly, no pressure, feel. The staff encourage and support everything you do. They are there for you all the time and do their best to make sure you reach your goals, no matter how big or small.

Scott Dexter, MD

Essentially exclusively positive:
1. Staff friendly, helpful, positive
2. Atmosphere comfortable, specifically other clientelle a bit older, and more mature.
3. Equipment and facility always clean
4. Showers always warm! – once this did not occur but you have made changes. Soap dispensers always filled.
5. Music inspirational but not too loud and not “in your face.” TVs are muted so they are not distracting.
6. Initial evaluation process helpful, and availability of staff for questions a plus.
7. I would recommend to others – I have done so.
8. The biggest drawback for me and why it only gets four stars and not five is the limited hours, particularly an early closing time on the weekend
9. Space is well lit with a lot of natural light.
10. Always ample supply of clean towels. I can use them to shower so I do not have to bring my own. This is a big plus for me.
11. Parking never a problem
12. I have never had a problem getting an available treadmill regardless of the time of day – it has been close to full during busy times and may be an issue if membership increases.

These are the reasons why I renewed my membership today for a second year. Your membership rate if you pay by the year is probably on target given what you offer and other local facilities.

Carol Campbell

I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease at age 59 with no prior risk factors. I felt old, depressed and bewildered. Mike, Nick, and Erin put my life back in perspective and guided me through my Cardiac Rehab program with skill and kindness. Here at SHW, they continue to show true professionalism and concern for the wellbeing of all their members. I would recommend SH&W to anyone looking for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to assist them in pursuing their health goals.

Anne Smith

I joined SH&W in November, 2010 and have worked out three times a week ever since then. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the initial assessment interview, and Erin designed a program that fits my needs very well. I have gotten to know both Mike and Nick, as well, and and always impressed with the care and friendliness of them all. The facility is well equipped, and i have never had to wait for a chance to use anything. It is a comfortable setting, and friendly. I would recommend SH&W very highly.

William Cogswell

The staff is a team of absolutely wonderful – supportive – friendly people who are concerned that your workouts work for you. The atmosphere of the Center is comfortable with good music playing and an uncrowded space in which to workout.

Lynne Everhart-Holm

SH&W is unlike any other exercise facility that I have ever been a member of (shouldn’t end with of, I know). The atmosphere including decor, layout/floor plan, friendliness of staff, choice of music, other options that are offered with membership are all first rate and a little unusual when compared to other facilities. All for the good. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SH&W to friends & family. I’d follow Mike, Erin, Nick & Rebecca wherever they established their business.

Daphne Mruz

I have my BP taken each time I am there and that has helped me to manage my medication. The help given to make exercise fun and effective has been great

Pat Hamm

positive experience…friendly encouragement to take care of my health….

Jennifer Haviland-Eduah

Nothing but WONDERFUL!! A perfect place to do what you don’t really want to do because after a while you really want to do it so you can see everyone! It’s especially wonderful for those of us who don’t look great in spandex!!! !It’s relaxing, fat free, healthy and there’s lots of encouragement, expert advice , real caring and a whole lot of fun along with the sweat! A great place to be!

Ellen Schnorr

A great place to get fit! The staff is very professional, friendly and easy to approach. Relaxed atmosphere with “no appearance pressure”. Center is clean, nicely laid out and the machines are well placed. I look forward to my workouts and saying hello to the staff.

Phyllis Marks

My experiences at S.H.& W. have been extremely rewarding both physically and emotionally. The staff provides wonderful support and attention. The other members are friendly and helpful. I look forward to starting my day with a workout at S.H & W. I have and will continue to recommend S.H.&W. to everyone I know.

Bruce Van Ness

SH&W has provided me with the opportunity, the tools and the support to meet several health related goals: specifically, weight loss, lower BP and a general “good feeling” about myself. The facility is clean, well maintained, and hours are convenient. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting and I look forward to going.

Diana Ohmstedt

On a scale of 1 to 5, Here’s my ratings:
Staff friendliness 5 make you feel at home
Facility Cleanliness 5 very good
Overall Atmosphere 5 pleasant
Equipment 5 new and well kept
Availability 5 Always enough for all.
Staff availability & quality 5 Knowledgeable and always helpful.
Evaluation process 4
Would recommend 5 absolutely
Overall experience 5 like being with family, look forward to going.

Timothy Brooks, MD

Joined several months ago. Work out several times a week. Enjoy the experience. Would like to get there more schedule permitting.

I would like to see later Saturday and Sunday hours. I think I would be able to get more work outs in if open a few hours longer on those two days.

Martha Strohl

I was a newcomer who had not had a regular exercise regimen for 8 plus years. I was treated with dignity and respect, and after an extremely thorough evaluation, given a program that was both challenging and doable.

I think the world of the people at Saratoga Health and Wellness. I have been in Florida all winter and can’t wait to get home and start again. I miss you all. So does my body.

Lance Freiberger

The staff at Saratoga Health & Wellness is very helpful, knowledable, professional and welcoming.
The facility is very customer friendly with a layout that is open and comfortable without the traditional crowded gym feel.
Anyone looking to looking to start feeling better and becoming healthier this is the place to start the process,you won’t be disappointed.

Linda Casaly

My experience at Saratoga Health and Wellness has alway been very positive. The atmosphere is alway friendly and welcoming.
Mike, Nick and Erin are always very willing to provide information, support and assistance when you need it. I have know them since going through cardiac rehab at another location and cannot say enough about the help they have given me over the past three years. Everything about Saratoga Health and Wellness is top-notch and I have and will continue to recommend it to friends. Although there are gyms closer to me, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Denise Clark

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Erin ,Nick and Mike make you feel welcome and important right away and they always have time to help and advise you. The gym is always clean and the equipment is in great condition. I am so please with the whole experience.

Carla Pastore

Hi: My name is Carla and I have been with the facility since they opened their new location as well as being in the old location. The staff is what brings me back and also keeps me there day to day as well as the new facility and all it offers to each member. A brief description of my experiences are below:

* Staff friendliness – always very helpful and attentive to those seeking assistance as well as making changes in your routines. They are all very aware of the anatomy of the body from risks to ways to make improvements.
* Facility cleanliness – Very clean and plenty of room in the locker/shower rooms for your personal belongings (always safe to leave your items) as well as getting ready if your off to some place after.
* Overall atmosphere – the windows, pictures and colors of the interior make it very positive inside and you feel good being there and achieving your personal goals for your health and wellness. It is like home away from home and you don’t feel like your in a gym competing with your personal features as we are all there for the same reason and many for a long time as myself and we all continue to see results which makes us come back year after year – when you look good, you feel good – personal commitment and rewarding inside and out
* Equipment – all well maintained, never any broken equipment, easy on and off with no waiting, its all very clean and sanitized thanks to the staff and members keeping on top of it all
* Equipment availability – never a wait – you begin to choose a time that works for you within your schedule and also see when the peak time is and work with that if you can. Overall there is many pieces of each equipment and you can move along to keep the pace
* Availability and quality of the staff – 247 availability, all well trained and educated with a positive attitude which makes you enjoy the energy. They are all hands on and very involved being also part of the gym with their own health and wellness. The feeling they all give is achievement and even if your not seeking help or assistance, the energy inside the facility gives you that boost with their presence. There is nothing they can’t answer or help you with and if they need to get back to to you they are prompt in doing so. I have seen many with special needs improve dramtically over a period of time thanks to them all and the time they give and spend to the individual. Everyone matters to them.
* Our evaluation process – excellent
* Would you recommend Saratoga Health & Wellness to a friend? Always
* Your overall experience at Saratoga Health & Wellness – I have been with the old facility when they first started and came to the new one with a year + in lapse as I would not go anywhere else with them under construction. It was difficult trying to find things to do to keep my workout going as I like the atmosphere, the hours and the staff. I have seen drastic changes in my body mentally and physically for the past 6 years with them and achieve my goals personally for myself with it as part of my lifestyle each week looking forward to it rather than putting it off as an obligation. It gets me thru my own challenges in life as a release day to day. Thanks for bringing it back to all of you…..very happy…

Scott Congdon

Its been GREAT!!! I have only been a memeber for a little over three weeks. They have taken the time to understand why I joined. Then they have steps to help show me how to best acheive my goals. I have lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks!!! By waiting my diet and working out.
When I first stopped in they were very helpful and there was no pressure to join. Both my doctor and a friend that was already a memeber recommend them and I am very happy that I join.

Tom King

As charter members, my wife Barbara and I enjoy our exercise routine here compared to our previous gym. We do not get the background noise experienced in our previous gym. The staff is most friendly and we have become friends with many other members. The added equipment has made everything available any time we are here.

Dave Reynolds

Clean modern facility with quality equipment. Never a wait for equipment as they have a wide variety and plenty of it. The staff is always friendly and always there to answer questions, and help you in any way with your fitness regiment. This is not your typical “muscle head” gym. It is a low key, no pressure environment geared toward the 40+ age group.
When you join you receive a thorough evaluation and an exercise program is taylor made to your needs. I have been exercising here since they opened and plan to be here for a long, long time. This is a 5 star facility.

Andrew Kleinfelder

Everything has been perfect for me. More than I could have expected for a Gym.

Chuck and Rachelle Iacovangelo

We have been members at SH&W since September, 2010, and could not be more pleased! The staff is extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and always accommodating. Mike, Nick, and Erin take a personal interest in each of the members and have created a “family feel.” They are always available to help. The facility itself is bright and welcoming, well-maintained and immaculate! SH&W is well-equipped with a variety of cardio and weight machines. We consistently attend 3 days and week, and have never had to wait to use one of the machines. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend SH&W!

William Hobbins

Great place to exercise.

Rich Koenig

outstanding….outstanding…..outstanding (oh, i’ve already said that.)

Irv LaDucer

When you walk in the door you feel welcome right away. The staff is freindly and always willing to help with any of the equipment, witch by the way is State of the Art. I would recommend this facility to anyone due to not only it’s freindliness but also the high quality of it’s staff.

William Northrup

I have been associated with Erin, Mike and Nick for 8yrs. Well before SH&W at Care Lane they ran good place there ,but SH&W is far better than Care Lane in every way. I feel at home there and wish I could spend more time there. Excellent job guy and gals.

Nancy Sutin

I exercise 4x/wk generally. Have been a member for approaximately 6 months. Was a member at the previous facility on Care Lane. Thoroughy enjoy.

Cheryl Dudinetz

Very good place to go. Staff is very helpful and actually care about their clients as people. Careful instruction for use of the equipment. Everything is clean, questions are answered right.

Michelle Slone

I love this gym. Since it is not a mega gym the staff know their members on a more personal level than one would find at the big gyms or chains. The atmosphere is very welcoming and there is a nice comraderie amongst the members. The individualized programs put together by the staff for each member is what sets this gym apart from all the others.

Dennis Crimi

The staff at SH & W know their stuff. This is not your ordinary “gym.” The folks here are exercise and lifestyle professionals. This sets them apart from all competitors and is the reason I’m a regular. 5 stars all the way!

Tony Lupino

This is the perfect place for someone like me. Needs exercise not body building. You have all the answers to our questions and are very friendly. It’s a great atmosphere and you are all first class citizens and I told that to Dr. Card. You make everybody feel welcome and you know all your members by name. Keep up the good work and I’m glad things are working out for all of you.

Thomas C. Clark Sr.

The SH&W is very friendly, clean and cheerful place to work out and get or keep yourself in shape. The staff is always friendly and helpfull. I started at SH&W last September after I retired and have enjoyed every visit. The atmosphere there is unlike a gym the people are friendly and come from every walk of life young and seniors alike. All your concernes are addressed and they keep your work out interesting and tuned to what you want to acomplish. I would and have recomended SH&W to alot of people that want to get or keep in shape. Nick, Mike ,Erin and Rebeca are very knowledgeable people and always put their clients first. It is worth every penny and I will be there for the long haul. I have lost alot of weight and have been keeping it off and I have them to thank for all their encouragement and support. I am now in the best shape I have been in in over 30 years. It is just a great place!!!

Diana Burke

I have been a member of Saratoga Health and Wellness since they opened a year and a half ago. The friendliness of the staff and the members keeps me going. They provide the most upbeat atmosphere. Staff are always available to answer questions and be of help. The facility and equipment are always spotless. I find their evaluation process with each individual member to be a vital part of the program. I want to know that the exercise program designed for me by the highly qualified staff is improving my overall health. I have and will continue to recommend Saratoga Health and Wellness to my friends.

Linda McTague

I am very pleased with the professionalism of the staff along with the immaculately clean space & equipment. All the staff know the members by our first names, are cheerful & available for assiatance at any time. I have been given many exercise plans that allow me to work at highest potential. I am so thankful that this fitness gym is available!

Robert Dyke

Very helpful and knowledgeable. A great experience. I would recommend it to anybody serious about staying healthy and fit.

Phyllis Marks

My experiences at S.H.& W. have been extremely rewarding both physically and emotionally. The staff provides wonderful support and attention. The other members are friendly and helpful. I look forward to starting my day with a workout at S.H & W. I have and will continue to recommend S.H.&W. to everyone I know.

L. Freiberger

The staff at Saratoga Health & Wellness is very helpful, knowledable, professional and welcoming.The facility is very customer friendly with a layout that is open and comfortable without the traditional crowded gym feel. Anyone looking to looking to start feeling better and becoming healthier this is the place to start the process, you won’t be disappointed.

Denise Clark

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Erin, Nick and Mike make you feel welcome and important right away and they always have time to help and advise you. The gym is always clean and the equipment is in great condition. I am so pleased with the whole experience.

Roy Rotheim

My experience at SH&W has been consistently positive; there is an atmosphere that is comfortable, well-equipped, non-competitive, and supportive and encouraging of all members.

Bob Albert

My time spent at SH&W was everything that I expected and then some. I appreciated the initial health and workout information provided. The Staff were always a pleasure to be around. Thank you.

Bailey Bloom

We just love this place! The staff are all outstanding: friendly, caring and always helpful. They get you started and are available to make changes to your program as your needs change. The facilities are clean and well maintained, with a variety of machines for everyone’s needs. There is a real “family” atmosphere here. We highly recommend it.

Pat Mangona

Staff is always friendly, pleasant and helpful. The gym is clean, neat and the equipment is in good condition. The other members are also friendly. The time on the machines goes by fast when you are visiting with someone. It has been a good experiences and I have enjoyed it.

Tom Case

The place is great, staff is very friendly and has a great deal of health experience and knowledge. Equipmnet is well maintained and like new, in fact I think the maintance crew deserves new uniforms and more overtime. Highly reccomend this gym over any others in Saratoga county.